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MissionComputer 4.2
13.5 MB disk image

For Mac OS 10.3 or higher
on an Intel- or PowerPC-based Macintosh
Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
X 9
Older versions
with lower system requirements
remain available.

MissionComputer is a scenario editor for Ambrosia Software's game EV Nova and its two predecessors, designed to make the process of creating plug-ins simpler and less labour-intensive. It includes graphical editors for most of the game's custom resource types, and at least partial support for all others.

Among MissionComputer's other features are a convenient tool for looking up resource IDs, an encoder for EV Nova's RLE graphics format, a utility for easily copying large numbers of resources between two files, and integrated utilities for converting plug-ins, copying resources in bulk, and generating EV Nova's targeting graphics.
MissionComputer screenshot demonstrating graphical document window with Find feature, wëap editor with graphical preview, and government allegiance table
Version 4.2 adds the ability to tabulate a government's class memberships, allies, and enemies; a more effective STR# editor and Window menu; and several smaller improvements.

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